Women’s Health

Black surgeon writing in medical chart
Black surgeon writing in medical chart

Consider one of the most potent forces now marketed to rapidly aging baby-boomers: Replacement hormone therapy. Estrogen is touted to alleviate symptoms from hot flashes, prevent osteoporosis (the so-called “brittle bone” disease of aging), and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

But estrogen is not without risk. Because “pure” estrogen increases the risk of uterine cancer, some women take a combination pill which combines estrogen and progestin. Although this lowers the risk of uterine cancer, some experts worry that any replacement hormone might increase the long-term risk of breast cancer. The long-awaited results of the Postmenopausal Estrogen/ Progestin Intervention Trials released last November revealed that hormones reduced the risk of heart disease but the study was too short-term to address the possible long-term breast cancer risk.

Estrogen or exercise?

Before you reach for a hormone pill or a patch, consider a “wonder” therapy that you may have overlooked. It’s called exercise.

Walking has been shown to lower high blood pressure and exercise can help control, and possibly even prevent, diabetes. Both high blood pressure and diabetes are strong heart disease risk factors in women.

As for osteoporosis, weight-bearing exercises, such as walking and lifting weights, help build strong bones. Even swimming, not traditionally thought of as a bone-builder, may be beneficial.

Remember though, if you have heart disease or other medical problems, talk to your doctor before undertaking vigorous exercise.

If you’ve undergone a hysterectomy, have severe menopausal symptoms, or very strong risk factors for heart disease or osteoporosis, hormones may benefit you. But whether or not you opt for replacement hormones, you may want to join me in trying exercise, the other “miracle” therapy.

Women’s Health Facts:

According to the experts, the most common sexual problem experienced by female heart patients is a lack of desire.

If a woman has undergone heart surgery, she may feel undesirable because of her incision. Or she may be afraid of taking an active role when having sex.

Her partner may hold back out of fear of hurting her. To make matters worse, some medications can dampen passion.

The key to a good sexual relationship is the same as the key to any other good relationship communication. If you’re accustomed to discussing your problems frankly, you should find it easier to talk about those of a sexual nature.

One of the biggest fears experienced by all heart patients, male or female, is that sexual excitement will lead to a heart attack. Happily, this fear simply is not grounded in fact. Here are the facts for most women:

If you are able to climb a flight of stairs without becoming short of breath or experiencing chest pain you should be able to resume passive sex with safety.

If you are planning to be the active partner, or anticipate finding sex especially exciting, climbing two flights of stairs without breathlessness or chest pain is the rule-of-thumb.
If you have concerns, talk to your doctor. An approved exercise program can help you get into shape for anything, including sex!

A heart-healthy lifestyle should include a satisfying sex life as well. And that’s no joke.

Five Ways To Naturally Improve Your Hair’s Health


The human body is truly a work of art. It’s so complex, yet it has such simplicity when targeting our day to day beauty troubles. If you know how our bodies work, then you know that the only way to keep our skin and hair healthy is from nutrients. Yes, it is that simple, but most of us do not see it that way. We live in a society where processed foods are more obtainable, therefore, more sought after. Processed foods have little to no nutritional value leaving most of us with vitamin deficiencies.

Our hair & skin are the magic mirrors to our internal health. The old saying, “you are what you eat,” is 100% fact because everything you put into your mouth will appear externally. Damaged and breaking hair can be caused by not eating enough protein and vegetables. Your skin can break out by drinking too much soda or sugary fruit juices and not enough water. Even your finger nails can break by not consuming enough nutrients, but there is a solution!

We can apply these nutrients to our bodies externally and give our precious organs the vitamins and health it deserves. Out of all the natural remedies I have researched, I feel these do the most at recovering proteins, nourishing and rejuvenating your hair to it’s upmost potential.

Olive Oil:

Extra virgin organic olive oil does absolute wonders for your hair. This miracle nourishes and conditions the hair shaft as it improves and strengthens the elasticity. When the hair shaft is stronger, your hair will appear less damaged and split ends will minimize. When olive oil is applied to the scalp, it conditions by soaking it’s nutrients deep within the hair follicle. Once the olive oil is rinsed thoroughly, it is best when you apply a small amount to the ends of the hair. This gives the oil more time to improve the overall appearance of your hair.

Coconut Oil:

Another miracle found in nature, the amazing coconut. I found coconut oil to be the best in hair treatment for its intoxicating aroma and immediate results. When applied as a leave in conditioner everyday, it can reduce split ends and reduce protein loss by soaking it’s nutrients deep into the hair shaft. This recovers any breakage or damage done by styling, coloring or blowout. Coconut oil also gives you the shine and luster that only healthy hair can emit.


Cinnamon is delicious, but not many people know it can be used topically as well! Cinnamon can be used as a scrub to enhance hair growth by stimulating the blood underneath the follicles. As it stimulates the hair follicle, it can produce longer, stronger, thicker hair when used consistently. It can also be used to clean the scalp and reduce dead skin cells by naturally exfoliating the surface. This is a great alternative to chemically induced products that claim to treat hair loss.


Using organic lemons for your scalp can give you the vitamin boost your hair is craving. Lemons are full of antibacterial properties and vitamins that our bodies can benefit inside and out. Lemons can also assist with hair growth, but the best use for lemons on the scalp is dandruff and oil control. When applying fresh organic lemon juice to the scalp, it goes straight to work by lifting dead skin cells, treats blemishes, and puts the overactive natural oils into balance. This creates a nutrient filled environment for healthy hair to grow and will ultimately give you the healthy hair and shine you want.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Last… but certainly not least, apple cider vinegar. Who would’ve ever thought this would do wonders for your hair? The smell may be a little distracting, but trust me, once you have used it, you will wonder why you never thought to try it before. Apple cider vinegar benefits your hair and scalp, for it balances the natural pH of your scalp (creating a healthier environment for growth), removes dead skin cells completely, therefore, eliminating dandruff, soothes itchy scalps that are caused by lack of nutrients or stress, and can also assist in hair growth when massaged into the scalp.

Using these all natural alternatives, as well as implementing a nutritional diet, will give you the hair you desire from the inside and out. Once you see a change, you will notice your body beginning to change in a more positive way, and you will be happy you made the adjustment.

Use caution when using these natural remedies for your hair if you are allergic or obtain irritations while using them. Please consider what may work for one person may not work for another, so please keep that in mind.

Biofeedback: Applying the Mind to Health


What is biofeedback?

In biofeedback you expand self-awareness and practice powerful self-healing under guidance. This is often done with measuring devices to train for relaxation. However, the true goal is expanding the dynamic range and flexibility of your physiology. The benefits are enhanced self-regulation and more robust health.

A biofeedback loop starts with monitoring a signal coming from your body. You can monitor muscle tension, hand temperature or brainwave turbulence. Constant updates are fed back to you in a multimedia display. You look and learn. Using this information to get a certain feeling, you then change the signal in a particular direction.

You gain the power to flex and expand your body’s functioning. These physiological stretching lessons then go into automatic pilot and are used as needed.

Biofeedback is a mind-body mirror. Specific self-awareness, nourished by intention, becomes self-control. Next comes enhanced homeostasis without further effort. Once you have cleared the trail, the body follows.

Let’s do some biofeedback right now. Monitor your pulse. Just feel your heart beating. Without changing your breathing, notice how many times your heart beats during each inhalation and each exhalation. Observe your pattern. Is it 2, 3 or 4 beats per half breath? Now, slow your breathing rate by counting one more heartbeat as you exhale.

Many studies have proven that computerized elaboration of this slower breathing technique has significantly benefits such as lowering high blood pressure. The magic number is usually 6 full breathes per minute. Next try it while walking. Notice the number of strides per breath.

Scientifically sound

The field of biofeedback has progressed by proving that conscious influence is possible over many biological systems and that this practice relieves many diverse disorders.

Scientific literature has well established that holding a thermometer (the signal) to raise your hand temperature (vascular relaxation) prevents 50% of migraine headaches. Biofeedback is more effective than any pill at preventing migraines, especially as medications decline in effectiveness over the years.

Brainwave biofeedback

Using biofeedback with brain signals is called neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is more efficient and powerful than peripheral biofeedback. Neurofeedback can abort migraines. The success rates for resolving migraine are now over 90%. When it works, results seem to endure.

Biofeedback has proven effective in relieving about 150 varied conditions. The only explanation for such broad effectiveness is the power of applied consciousness to self-heal.

The single most popular application for neurofeedback is for ADD. The efficacy is quite high with 85% obtaining 100% remission of symptoms. Complete remission means the disorder is no longer detectable by any means, including brain maps.

Neurofeedback results seem to last forever. There is no homework. As your brain finds a better way to operate, it accepts and adopts the improvements without further effort. As the core problem is cleared, related problems tend to dissolve. Medications can be stopped.

What’s it good for?

Here is a short list of the applications for biofeedback in various categories. The quality of evidence varies from rock solid to consistent clinical reports. The positive effect size is usually strong.

Optimal functioning: students, meditators, performing artists, athletes, soldiers, executives.

Everybody: sleep, mental focus, memory, emotional health.

Brain: seizures, stroke, traumatic brain injury, coma, migraine, ARCD.

Lifestyle: drug & alcohol abuse, criminality, eating disorders.

Arousal: stress, anxiety, headache, OCD, anger, PTSD, psychological trauma.

Chronic: asthma, IBS, TMJ, chronic fatigue, immune suppression, fibromyalgia.

Not just kids: ADD, autism, Asperger’s, stuttering, Tourette’s, tics, learning disorders.

Women: PMS, menopause, hot flashes, pregnancy.

Major: cancer, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, chronic pain, depression.

See health care or health care for the complete list and scientific references.


How could one thing be that good for so many different problems? Because the central nervous system is central. Nourishing your mind-body connection with specific awareness and directed intention conditions self-regulatory systems. Your car drives better on all roads after an engine tune up.

I believe that everyone on the planet would benefit from 10 sessions of neurofeedback to optimize mental clarity and upgrade emotional health. Some problems resolve more quickly including garden variety anxiety, migraine, anger, PTSD, PMS and sleep problems. ADD is in the middle but you’ll need more sessions for fibromyalgia or autism. Home neurofeedback units are now available for training under the guidance of a professional.

Safe, fun

Biofeedback is remarkably safe. A biofeedback mirror is more benign than a regular mirror. Give an anorexic girl a mirror and she may see enough fat to redouble her diet. Give her 15 sessions of neurofeedback and she will probably begin to ask ‘who am I in this world.’

There are cheap and free forms of do-it-yourself biofeedback which are highly effective. And fun. If you want the strongest benefits from biofeedback it is important to employ the best technology. You will derive more rapid, complete and enduring benefits by using the latest neurofeedback software and equipment.

Biofeedback sessions are most often described as pleasant, interesting and relaxing.

Useful Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy White Birch Tree


The varieties of birch trees are many. The white birch specifically is distinctive for its white back that tends to look like it’s uncurling from the trunk. Birch tree species likes cool and moist acidic soils. It is for this reason that they are found in Canada, Russia, Scandinavia, northern Europe and the northern part of the US. White birch trees need to be maintained well to facilitate their growth. The tips below can help you on how to maintain your white birch tree.


This helps to conserve water in the soil, it moderates soil temperatures, reduces soil compaction, reduces competition from all other plants and as the mulch decomposes, it adds organic matter to the soil. Decomposition also, improves the soil structure increasing its water retention ability and improving oxygen exchange. When mulch is placed around the base of this tree, chances of weed trimmer or lawnmower damaging it are reduced. All of the benefits above create a healthy and conducive environment for the tree’s roots, and help to promote the survival and growth of this tree. This process also has aesthetic benefits.


This is beneficial especially when rainfall is insufficient. To maintain adequate soil moisture during planting, the tree has to be given a weekly slow and deep (at most 18 inches) watering for about three hours. Ascertain that the quantities are enough; ensure that the watered soil can be formed easily into a ball in your hand. Reduce watering by late August to allow for the tree’s proper winterization.


Avoid excessive pruning. This is the one that covers more than 25 % of the tree’s live canopy. With intensive pruning, more light will penetrate to the root zone cause an increase in soil temperature and a reduction in soil moisture levels. To avoid destruction from female birch borers, do not prune this tree between May 1 and August 1. If pruning is a must during this period, then you must treat all the tree’s wounds using a registered insecticide. You must follow proper pruning techniques to avoid damaging this tree.

Use of Fertilizer

It is used to accelerate growth and maintain good health of the tree. Use it only when the tree lacks nutrients or there is a nutrient imbalance. Carry out a soil test to come up with the required corrective measures. Do not use fertilizer if the stress symptoms it has are not related to insufficient nutrients.

It is advisable to use fertilizers during early spring or late fall. This will allow the tree to have the entire required nutrient during its peak growth period in early summer and the spring. Do not apply any fertilizers on frozen grounds. Considering all of the above, you have to ensure that the fertilizer you are using is a slow- release one.

It is not enough to choose the right birch tree for your home and to follow all the required planting tips. It is crucial to ensure that this tree is properly maintained to facilitate its survival and growth.

Keeping Your Cat Healthy

Two healthcare workers posing in a hospital corridor
Two healthcare workers posing in a hospital corridor

Cats need only be provided with decent shelter, food and water and they will be quite healthy most of the time. Like any other living thing, however, they can get sick and can come down with anything from a minor cold to a major ailment.

As a responsible pet owner, you want to make sure you feed your cat premium cat food so he can be his healthiest and also watch your cat closely for signs of sickness so that you can get him to a vet right away. Hopefully most ailments will be minor, but in some cases getting your cat expedient veterinary help can be the difference between life and death.

Some things to look for include:

Your cats coat – is it full and shiny or dull and patchy? Is he shedding abnormally? If so get your cat scheduled for a vet visit.

Behavior – is your cat acting sluggish and not eating? Any change in behavior warrants a trip to the vet as it is better to be safe then sorry!

Diarrhea or vomiting – If your cat is doing either of these for more than a day, I would get him to the vet as soon as you can.
Coughing – Some cats routinely cough up hairballs, but if your cat is coughing for no reason then you should have this checked out.

Swelling or lumps – when you pet your cat, take the time to feel around for any unusual lumps or swelling.

To insure that your cat doesn’t fall victim to disease, you should make sure he has all of his vaccinations as recommended by your vetrenarian. The most devastating but easiest to prevent disease that affects cats is infectious enteritis, or feline distemper. This is a virus disease that strikes quickly and leaves little time to enact treatment.

Feline Leukemia or FeLV is another deadly disease that can be prevented through early vaccinations. This disease poses no threat to humans but can be spread between cats. These days, it is treatable and some cats can live a long life with Feline Leukemia although you would want to be very careful to keep them away from other cats so as not to spread the disease.

One health problem in cats, particularly those that go outdoors is worms. A cat with worms usually has a lackluster coat and can either have a large appetite or none at all. There are many kinds of worms, and cats are susceptible to all of them. Cats can get worms from lice or fleas or in the organs of the rodents that the cats eat. Typically the cat ingests the eggs which mature and attach to the intestinal walls. Feeding your cat a bit of garlic every once in a while can protect him against worms.

Keeping your cat happy and healthy is really a simple matter of caring for him properly and making sure he gets the appropriate veterinary care. Make sure your cat gets all the recommended vaccinations and you give him the proper treatments to repel fleas and other pesky pests. These simple steps will keep your cat happy and healthy for a lifetime!

Healthy Penis, Better Performance – The Right Diet Choices Can Make a Difference

Health care professionals, portrait
Health care professionals, portrait

A healthy penis is a number one goal for most men, and there are many things that a man can do to help ensure his continued penis health. One of those things, surprisingly, is to be aware of his diet choices and to take steps to ensure a better, healthier eating pattern. It’s a boon for the entire body, but it also pays off in terms of keeping the equipment in fine fettle, as well.

A big gut = an unhealthy penis

By this point, every person on the planet knows that being overweight is bad for the health. Obesity is associated with many general health issues, including high blood pressure, cardiac issues and diabetes. It also can have an impact on sexual functioning. Obesity has been linked in studies to testosterone deficiency; when a man’s testosterone levels drop, his sex drive is negatively impacted. In addition, being overweight causes one to tire more quickly, so that even if a guy is primed for action, he may lack the energy to carry it through to completion in a satisfying manner.

Obesity also is linked with plaque build-up in arteries, which can be dangerous. Penis arteries are often among the first to be affected by plaque, being significantly more narrow than cardiac arteries. And that plaque attack can hamper the free flow of blood to the penis, affecting erectile quality and durability.

Good foods for the penis

In general, any food that helps a man maintain a healthy weight is food that is good for the penis. Each man is different, and every man thinking about embarking on changes to his diet choices should first consult a doctor to determine if there are foods he should avoid. In general, however, the best options are the sensible ones:

1) bulk up on fruits and vegetables (especially fresh ones when possible);

2) cut down on salt intake;

3) don’t let a sweet tooth go crazy (and that includes being careful with sugary drinks);

4) favor lean white meats over fatty red ones; and

5) be moderate in alcohol consumption.

In addition to these general diet choices, there are several nutritional choices that are often associated with a healthier, more energetic penis. These include:

Fish – but not all fish. Omega-3 fatty acids are thought to have a positive impact on penis health, and these are often found in abundance in fish. The problem is that some fish contain toxins that can send testosterone levels down. Salmon, tuna and sea bass are best bets for being a good source of the Omega-3 acids, and they are less likely to contain large quantities of testosterone-reducing toxins.

Nuts. One of the hallmarks of a healthy penis is its ability to get and maintain an erection; erections are aided by the presence of nitric oxide, which helps to open up the penis blood vessels so that more blood can rush in and fill up the spongy tissue of the penis. Therefore, boosting nitric oxide (or L-arginine, which aids in the creation of nitric oxide) is important for penis health – and nuts are good at doing just that.

Blueberries (and many other berries). Blueberries are an excellent choice for overall health and can also keep the penis happy. Like nuts, blueberries are valuable in aiding proper penis blood flow and keeping arteries open.

Diet choices are just part of a proper penis health regimen: regular use (through either masturbation or partner sex) is also key (even if it does occasionally result in a sore penis), as is using a first rate health care (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). Compound the good that nuts and blueberries do by using a cream that include L-arginine, which as stated above is an important aid in the process by which penis blood flow remains vibrant. Also important in choosing a cream is finding one that includes alpha lipoic acid, a powerhouse antioxidant that offsets the aging process in penis cell metabolism and helps keep the penis looking more youthful.

A 100% Drug Free Hemorrhoids Solution!

Healthcare professionals discussing medical records
Healthcare professionals discussing medical records

Did you know every year 25 Million people in the USA are suffering from Hemorrhoids by age 50?

Health Information Website: mdchoice.com/Pt/consumer/hemr.asp#howcommon

Hypnotherapy can provide hemorrhoid sufferers with the fastest natural lasting relief, without the need of expensive painful surgery. Hypnotherapy is known to be a very effective treatment eliminating the need for drugs and the possibility of side effects.

So, why suffer the pain? You can get rid of it with the help of professional applying the right suggestion directly to your subconscious mind, naturally treating that ugly, nasty hemorrhoid effortlessly. Just imagine the power of your subconscious.

Hemorrhoid creams or ointments will relieve the temporary symptoms. However, with hypnotic suggestions the condition where the veins around the anus and rectum are inflamed and swollen will shrink and be eliminated. Thus, freeing the sufferer of the pain, itching, and irritation of the skin area.

Studies show that holistic approaches to all diseases are effective. The reason being, in most cases the symptoms are psychological.

Dr. William B. Salt II, MD, writes in his book, “Your Prescription for Change!” about patients with GI and IBS functional disorders that are related to psychological problems. Psychological stress or emotional response to life influences the GI function by producing GI Symptoms such as pain. One of the main causes occurs when straining while trying to have a bowel movement. Other hemorrhoid causers include constipation and diarrhea. In addition, obesity, standing, and/or lifting too much can make hemorrhoids worse.

Study: Healthy Hypnosis: myhypno.com/product_category.cfm?id_category=38

Study: Family Doctor.org: amilydoctor.org/090.xml

A researcher from University of North Carolina believes hypnosis can be less expensive and less painful than other medical treatments, since it is for a long lasting relieve, “No Drugs, No Side effects” solution.

Who Suffers from Hemorrhoids and why?

Most pregnant women can suffer from hemorrhoids. Factors like childbirth, extended periods of sitting, lack of fiber, stress, tension and worrying, are all leading contributors.

**You must see a doctor if you notice bleeding to make sure the causes are hemorrhoids, and not some other problem.

Study: MDChoice.com: health care

A hypnotherapist is committed to changing clients’ bad habits. This is achieved by following a plan, and a program to get rid of bad habits related, in this case, to hemorrhoids, or other issues that are known to many of us in our subconscious mind level. The reason we cannot simply control our bad habits without enlisting professional help, is because our primitive mind is programmed in our memory program. The memory program contains about 88% from our subconscious mind.

Dr. Jasvant Modi, Chief of Gastroenterology, and President of medical staff at Temple Community Hospital in Los Angeles, recommends maintaining a high-fiber diet supplemented by drinking plenty of fluids and a healthy, active lifestyle to prevent recurrence of hemorrhoids.

Changes in diet can result in normal bowel habits, and as a result, relief. In some cases, hemorrhoids must be treated endoscopically or surgically, shrinking and destroying the hemorrhoid tissue by a gastroenterology and internal medicine (G.I.) specialist.

Benefits using Hypnotherapy:

Hypnosis helps clients: Maintain a high fiber diet supplemented by drinking plenty of fluids, a healthy active lifestyle, taking brakes from sitting too long, receiving hypnotic direct suggestion for swelling reduction. All that leads to:

Physical Benefits: Relieves tension, reduces pain, and improves circulation.

Mental Benefits: Relieves stress anxiety, calms the worried mind, elevates mood.

Spiritual Benefits: Balances, integrates and connects you as a whole person, puts you in touch with yourself, assists in connecting with your spiritual self.

A hypnotherapist applies your Doctor’s Recommendations by reinforcing positive suggestions to your subconscious mind. Suggestions like a high fiber diet supplemented by drinking plenty of fluids, Ice packs to help reduce swelling, cleaning the rectum with baby wipes or washing with warm water, as well as sitting in hot tubs for 10 to 15 minutes in order to shrink the hemorrhoids.

** Doctor referral will be needed in order to apply the correct nutrition in case of other medical condition.


Testimonials from satisfied people

“I’ve tried creams, supplements and even surgery right after having my first baby. That only lasted for a year. My hemorrhoids came back and even more painful. For nearly 11 years I was in pain. Then I skeptically decided to try hypnotherapy over the phone six months ago. I wasn’t disappointed, within days my hemorrhoids were gone. I can’t thank hypnosis enough.

Betty- B, New York 2005

“After having my son I had the worst hemorrhoids and I could never sit still. It was just before my final exam. Can you just imagine being a full time mother and a full time student, the fear of what if??? Thanks to your hypnosis tools my hemorrhoids are down to flat. Finally I feel relaxed again.

Yahel Biton- Israel 2004

Alternative Medicine Versus Conventional Medicine

Cost of healthcare
Cost of healthcare

The purpose of this article is not to draw a comparison, but to enlighten people of the health benefits that alternative medicine has to offer over conventional medicine. Most conventional medicine practices aim at addressing a disease or an ailment based on its symptoms. For example, you have a cough or a cold and you pop in a pill.

Comparatively, alternative medicine takes into consideration the body as whole. Right from your eating habits, lifestyle, medical history, your fitness level, etc – are all taken into consideration. Alternative medicine seeks to identify the route cause of the ailment. The objective of the treatment is totally centered towards building the body’s healing mechanism and immunity to ward of potential diseases. Disease prevention is an essential part of alternative medicine practices. The focus on holistic living i.e. improvement in lifestyle, switching to better eating habits, developing a fixed exercise routine stimulate the regenerative ability of your body. This is no rocket science, but the science of building and healing your body the natural way. It is true that alternative medicine practitioners may not be able to treat diseases that have higher levels of complications such as tumors, but it can – at an earlier stage prevent it from forming in the first place.

The use of natural herbs offers a higher safety profile over most conventional medicines. Herbs do need to be taken as per the practitioner’s recommendation. It is important to note that herbs do have side effects if they aren’t taken as prescribed, but their origin from a natural source does mean that they are more compatible with the human body as compared to chemically synthesized drugs.

Even though alternative medicine is backed by fewer number of clinically established trials, it is also important to note that it has extensive documentation spanning centuries of use in ancient herbal texts. The need of the hour is to examine the use of these ancient remedies with a scientific outlook so that we obtain better insights. This will open better treatment avenues for patients.

In conclusion, it is best that we not ignore the benefits of scientifically proven medicine. However, we must seek the use of alternative medicinal practices as a means to complement existing treatment regimes so that a person’s overall health is looked at i.e. a person is treated as a whole rather than just looking at a symptom (a part of the whole problem).

B-Vitamins Help Promote Healthy Arteries and Heart

Health care professionals looking at chart
Health care professionals looking at chart

A 2002 study reported, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation reported that a six-month regiment of taking folic acid, vitamin b12, and vitamin b6 can be instrumental in the prevention of recurring blocked arteries in coronary angioplasty patients.

The findings, which were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association are an extension of a clinical trial that examined the effects of combining vitamins on the treatment of heart disease. The treatment apparently works by reducing levels of homocysteine, and amino acid which has long been associated with heart attacks.

The original study involved 205 patients who were given either a vitamin combination of vitamin b6, health care , and folic acid or a placebo for six months. Over that time period, the patients who took the combination of vitamins showed a 48% reduction in the development of restenosis, or re-narrowing of the vessel, compared with patients who received the placebo.

The new study added 348 new patients, and extended the follow-up observation period from six months to one year. The head researcher, Dr. Guido Schnyder, says that this time extension is important, since six months to one year is the time frame in which restenosis typically recurs. Out of all the patients monitored, the need for additional bypass operations was reduced by 38% over the entire year. This shows that the vitamin actually prevents the development of restenosis, rather than just preventing it.

Dr. Robert Bonow, the chief of cardiology at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and president of the American Heart Association said that the results of the study are very encouraging, offering more evidence that B vitamins are very important in maintaining healthy blood vessels.

The Overall Health Benefits of Martial Arts

Surgery,scrub nurse passing a hemostatic clamp or arterial forceps to a surgeon,close-up
Surgery,scrub nurse passing a hemostatic clamp or arterial forceps to a surgeon,close-up

We all understand the benefits of being physically fit. However, most people quit their exercise regime within weeks of beginning. It’s not surprising, IT GETS BORING!! Why not consider the benefits of martial arts. If taught as originally intended, there are several ways that you can benefit from the martial arts. Besides the obvious benefits that come with improved physical conditioning, martial arts can also increase brain function, reduce stress levels and boost your ability to focus. If delivered in a curriculum which continually varies the physical conditioning, (muscle confusion), and self-defense techniques, the boredom which usually accompanies most gym workouts goes away. The result, increased overall health.

As you strive to master the unaccustomed movement associated with martial arts, your brain is developing new neural pathways. Research suggests that the development of new neural pathways diminishes the decreased brain function often associated with aging. That is why many doctors suggest that you learn to play a musical instrument or even how to dance as you age. Continued stimulation is vital to continued optimum brain function., Use it or lose it! Many would say.

One fourth of the oxygen ingested by the body is used by the brain. Any martial art worth its salt will place a lot of emphasis on breathing and breath control. Proper breathing helps to keep the muscles relaxed and greatly reduces stress and anxiety levels. Proper breathing increases oxygen intake which leads to an overall improvement in both brain and bodily function. (The Science of Breath)

As your body becomes accustomed to developing the large and small motor skills embodied in the forms of the art, your ability to focus on the minutiae will increase. A focus easily transferred into other arenas.

Finally, in this age of increasing danger, you need to be able to defend yourself if attacked. More importantly, you need to learn the mental awareness and skills necessary to minimize the possibility of ever needing to do so. The greatest weapon that anyone possesses is the mind. So why not keep the mind as pliable as possible, while maximizing the house in which it resides?

Why not try something that will increase your mental acuity, your physical health, your focus, and through these your confidence in a variety of situations? Try a martial art!

I do not believe that it is something that you will come to regret. The breath is the life.

Foot Reflexology and Detoxification

Healer treating a sick child,Sehitwa,Botswana,Africa
Healer treating a sick child,Sehitwa,Botswana,Africa

Do you know why the rich and famous spend thousands of dollars on 3-days detox spa and detoxification holidays? Find out how the Chinese and Japanese achieve a similar detox health effect for a lot less dollars!

What is foot reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient natural therapy which utilizes energy zones on the hands and feet to provide relief for a variety of illnesses as well as to energize the body system. It has been in practised in China for thousands of years and till today, remains a popular and common therapy in China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand and is also increasingly popular in other parts of the world including Europe and USA.

Foot reflexology

The Chinese believe every meridian point in our foot reflex to a part of our body system

How does foot detoxification works?

It is widely known that the waste products(toxins) accumulated from the food we eat and the polluted air we breathe in contribute to many health problems to our body. When the waste products in our body reaches an excessive level, they can cause fatigue, restlessness or other health problems.

There are various methods to clear the build up of these waste products(toxins) in our body; including fasting, dieting, sweat out in a sauna, regular physical exercise or even colon-cleansing. Some of these methods are costly, some are difficult to maintain and some are plain dangerous!

Detoxification patches are totally safe and easy to use.

These tree extract plaster helps to cleanse your body’s waste products in an easy, trouble-free and painless way. Just wrap one sheet of plaster on the sole of your foot before going to bed, and allow it to work while you are asleep. The colour of the sheet will change according to the condition of your health. Those with health problems will notice the sheets are initially darker the following morning. With regular use, the sheets will progressively get lighter and lighter, indicating a steady improvement in your health. The patch can also be applied to specific problems on localised parts of the body, such as the wrist, knee, shoulder, ankle, and groin.

Apply a detox patch to each foot before sleeping every night

The product works on the principle that tree trunks, which are composed of numerous tiny tubes, are able to draw water and nutrients through the roots and up to all other parts of the tree. Expanding on Reflexology Concept, that different parts of the foot are connected to every other parts of our body, the flexi-patch are applied on the sole to help dispel wastes products from the body, very much alike the way the tree trunk operates.

Why does foot reflexology and detoxification work so well together

Traditionally, the Chinese and Japanese have known about the detoxification effect of certain tree extracts and the meridian pressure points of relexology and accupressure. Combined with other herbs and when applied to the sole of the foot, it has been found to vastly improve circulation and promote detoxification of the human body leading to general better health and well-being. This combination of toxin cleansing and reflexology has made this formula a favourite among Asians, young and old, healthy and weak.

Today, this beneficial formula is packed in plaster pack using modern, hygiene packing methods and sold worldwide.

World’s easiest – and safest – detoxification method!

Detoxification is not a new health concept. In fact, it has been around for a long, long time. Popular detoxification methods in modern time include the suana, dieting, colon cleansing, detoxification pills and solutions etc.

However, non of these detoxification methods are as easy, quick, cost effective, safe and effective as detoxification foot patches. In fact, some of these methods are even downright dangerous and had even accounted for a death or two.

Your health needs Tree Extract Detoxification Patches!

This is the ideal treatment for the elderly, the stressed executive, the sportsman or just for yourself. It’s easy to use; just apply it to the sole and sleep through the night. That’s it; no drinking, no mixing, no blending, no burning, no complicated methods. What’s more, you can see result the next morning immediately. It will leave you with no doubt that detoxification was working through the night!

As this is an external use product, it will not interfere or affect any medication or treatment you may be undergoing. No doctor or medical advice is needed prior to use.